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Technical committee

Lilian Fraiji

Lilian Fraiji is a curator, a producer and an environment activist based in the Amazon, Brazil. She is specialist in Cultural Management from Barcelona University and has a Master’s degree in Curating Arts from the University of Ramon Llull, Barcelona. She is the co-founder and curator of LABVERDE program, a platform dedicated to development of multidisciplinary contents involving art, science, traditional knowledge and ecology. As an independent researcher, she is interested in how culture is related to nature and how landscape is shaped in the Antropocene. She has curated several art exhibitions involving Nature, including “Invisible Landscape” (Stand4 Gallery – NYC – 2018), “Irreversível” (Paiol da Cultura/INPA, Manaus 2019) and “How to talk with trees” (Galeria Z42-Rio de Janeiro-2019). She’s also been the guest curator for Rock in Rio Amazon and for the open call of Natura Music Prize Brazil in 2020. Currently she is grantee of Serrapilheira Program, is the curator of the online Festival called Tomorrow is Now and is collaborating with Sonic Matter: The Witness (Festival in Swiss) and the International Week of Music São Paulo. 

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Rita Mesquita

Rita Mesquita lives in Manaus, Amazonas, and is a senior researcher at INPA since 2000. She holds a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (1985), a Master's degree in Biology (Ecology) from the National Institute of Amazonian Research (1989) and a Ph.D. in Ecology from the Institute of Ecology - University of Georgia (1995). Her research addresses forest ecology and the recovery of deforested areas through natural regeneration. She has mentored numerous students of scientific initiation, master's, doctorate and research project fellows.  Between 2004 and 2008 she was Deputy Secretary of the Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development of the  State of Amazonas, and coordinated the creation and implementation of protected areas, ecological-economic zoning and formulation of legislation on environmental management of the State of Amazonas. Between 2008 and 2012 she was one of the coordinators of the Botanical Garden of Manaus and founding member of the Amazon Museum - MUSA, having been its first Technical Director for 4 years.  During this period, she developed a series of educational and extension programs and projects, always seeking to popularize scientific knowledge. Created and coordinated for 7 years (2010-2016) the Professional Master's Program in Management of Protected Areas of the Amazon - MPGAP - of INPA, of which she is a professor to this day. Currently she serves as the Extension Coordinator of INPA, and among the responsibilities of this sector, there are the management of “Bosque da Ciência”, where the House of Science is located (a visitation center /museum). Activities related to technological innovation, such as the business incubator and the CTI - Center for Technological Innovation of INPA are linked to the Extension Coordination. All have a strong connection with scientific dissemination, technology and knowledge transfer, rural extension and popularization of science.

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