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The artwork Yara is develop by the Britain art collective Invisible Flocks and looks to understand the life cycle and stories of the Macacarecuia tree (Eschweilera tenuifolia (O.Berg) Miers) one of the oldest trees in the Amazon, approximately 1200 years old. Macacarecuia is a tree species of the igapó forests (seasonally-flooded forests on the margins of blackwater rivers flooded forests), is an endemic species of the Amazon water basin and it is highly abundant along the Black River. The Macacarecuia tree is an extremely slow growing species and lives up to 10 months of the year submerged in water as the annual freshwater flooding fills and drains the plains where it grows.


Together with scientists Jochen Schongart and Ricardo Perdiz, the art collective Invisible Flocks are exploring what more we could understand and uncover about this tree, how it pollinates to survive over centuries, how the hydrocycle is being affected by climate change and how Hydro Dams are altering the natural flood pulse of these landscapes.

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