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Developed by the British art and technology collective Invisible Flocks, the work “Iara” seeks to understand the life cycle of the Macacarecuia tree (Eschweilera tenuifolia (O.Berg) Miers), one of the oldest trees in the Amazon, approximately 1200 years old. The work pays homage to the tree that is considered the mother of the igapós - seasonally flooded forests on the banks of dark-water rivers. Very abundant along the Rio Negro, the Macacarecuia tree has an extremely slow growth and can live up to 10 months of the year submerged in the waters of the Amazon Basin.

In collaboration with scientists Jochen Schongart and Ricardo Perdiz, the artists of the collective Invisible Flocks translate into images and sounds discoveries and important data about this ancient species: how the tree is pollinated to survive over the centuries, how its cycle is being affected by climate change and how hydroelectric dams are altering the natural flood pulse of their habitat.

Invisible Flocks Curriculum

We are a family owned and operated business.

Invisible Flocks is an award winning collective of British artists, whose work is focused on the intersection of art and technology. With the mission of generating a positive impact on the societies in which they operate, artists use technology to raise awareness about conservation, climate change and social well-being. From the creation of immersive, highly sensory environments, they question the public to renegotiate their relationship with the natural world. His works have already been presented in England,

Kazakhstan, Kenya, Nigeria, Indonesia, Qatar, India and Finland. Invited by the LABVERDE Festival will be the first time that they perform in Brazil.

We are a family owned and operated business.

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