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Taoca is a series of drawings that start from the movement of the ants in the Amazon rainforest and the different species of animals that follow them. The word, which comes from taóka in Tupi, designates carnivorous ants that move in large quantities on the forest floor and trunks in search of food, attracting birds, butterflies and many other insects, in an interaction network of approximately 500 species.

The relationship that human beings establish with beings and the time of nature is also present in this series of drawings through fragments of texts, scientific speeches and conversations with forest inhabitants.

The work aims to present, through the images of the farm, a metaphor about how the forest works. Drawing on the analogy with the ants that, at the slightest disturbance, disorganize and disappear, the work also proposes a reflection on our interdependence and vulnerability in the face of the destruction of the Amazon Forest that we are currently going through.

Based in São Paula, the artist Renata Cruz seeks to create open and non-linear narratives, which contemplate different points of view, making use of the appropriation of literary texts, listening to stories, personal stories, images and fragments of the world. His works propose collaborative processes, which aggregate the look of different subjects, including the sensitive listening of nature. His work was widely presented in Brazil, as well as in Colombia, Mexico, Portugal, Japan and Spain. In 2017 the artist participates in the LABVERDE residence and begins a series of works related to the Amazon.

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